3DPowerTools transforms AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and Architectural Desktop into powerful and intuitive modeling platforms with the following features:

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  • Interactive Shaded Dragging
    All 3DPowerTools commands provide immediate feedback by showing you the results of the command as it proceeds. This feedback occurs in the current shading mode. Modeling in AutoCAD is now more intuitive than ever.
  • Transparent Orbit
    Change the viewpoint in the middle of any command. With this feature alone, you will be more productive.
  • Extended Modeling Capabilities
    Perform tapered extrusions with arbitrary extrusion directions and taper angles. Create blends between two sections. Create threads and other helical sweeps. Create pyramids and elliptical cones with arbitrary taper angles.
  • Extended Visualization Capabilities
    Orbit about an arbitrary center point. Orbit while maintaining "up". Perform transparent shademode and projection changes.
  • Mesh Editor for Solids and Surfaces
    Our innovative, UCS-free mesh editor allows the direct manipulation of faces, edges, and vertices on both solid and surface models.
  • Intuitive Object Positioning and Orienting
    Experience fully shaded positioning, orienting, and scaling of objects with both freeform and axis-constrained translations and rotations. Interactive dimensions display the distance translated or the angle rotated.
  • Edit in Perspective Projection
This download is a fully-functional 30-day trial. 3DPowerTools works only with AutoCAD 2000, Mechanical Desktop 4.0, Architectural Desktop 2.0, and more recent versions of these products. If you have problems downloading, try using FTP instead of HTTP.

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  • Our software is meant to be used in shaded viewports. Be sure to try out our tools with Shademode set to something other than Wireframe (use the "shademode" command to do this).
  • 3DPowerTools requires OpenGL support. If you are using Windows 95 without service pack 1, you will need to download and install OpenGL. This executable is self-extracting; after executing the file, copy all of the now uncompressed .DLLs into your windows\system directory.
  • You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view our manual. If you do not have this on your system, you should download it.



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